Altar Training videos online

Altar Training: What Bishops Wear
We are happy to make several altar training videos available. You can find them on YouTube in Archbishop Wynn Wagner’s channel.
Topics include:

  • Linens
  • Altars and Candles
  • Altar Stones and the Antimension
  • Incense
  • Cassocks and clergy headware
  • Collars
  • Bishops attire
  • Vestments

Altar Training: Altar Stones


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Right now, he’s strutting around the front room. “Who’s the writer… who’s the writer…” with some kind of weird pigeon thing going on. Insufferable, I tell you.



Gay Book Hall of Fame

Wynn Wagner

Wynn reading tarot (photo by John Selig)

DALLAS TX — Congratulations to our author, Wynn Wagner.

One of his books — Brent: the Heart Reader — has been added to the Gay Book Hall of Fame. He will now become insufferable during staff meetings.

This is what the Hall of Fame wrote about Wynn’s works:

Wynn Wagner’s books are always decep­tively easy to read, and they are usu­ally funny or irrev­er­ent. They are deeper and stronger than you might think at first. He has an affin­ity for first per­son narratives.

What makes his nov­els impor­tant for the LGBT world is that they are always about empow­er­ment. If there is a bully, you can assume he or she will end up get­ting bul­lied. Sissies are the tough guys.

Although he is a retired arch­bishop in the Old Catholic Church, many of his nov­els deal with the hege­mony of orga­nized reli­gion run amuck.

In Brent: The Heart Reader, Wag­ner takes on adop­tion. The nar­ra­tor was adopted by a right wing evan­gel­i­cal fam­ily that hates queers. If you guessed that fam­ily mem­bers take a few licks, you’d be what we call cor­rec­ta­mundo. Along the way, the nar­ra­tor falls in love with a full-blooded Sioux. Brent has to learn and grow as oth­ers look to him for wis­dom and strength.



New Edition: A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Old Catholic Church

A Pilgrim's Guide to the Old Catholic Church

A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Old Catholic Church (second edition)

A PILGRIM’S GUIDE TO THE OLD CATHOLIC CHURCH has been updated. It has always been one of the most popular titles offered by Mystic Ways Books

Archbishop Wynn Wagner has updated this catechism. We are offering it in full color. It is still the funniest and most captivating book about religion you will ever see.

We have it listed as “Coming Soon.”

100% Catholic — 0% Roman Catholic The OLD CATHOLIC CHURCH has been around for hundreds of years, but few people today know about it. Larger groups that use the word “Catholic” rarely like to admit its existence, but it does exist. It is completely Catholic, but without the pope, the Inquisition and all the guilt.

Archbishop Wynn Wagner introduces you to the beliefs of this small group of Catholics with their modern philosophy that is wrapped inside a very traditional liturgy. Expect to be amazed at the spiritual tools that are available to you today. When someone says you can’t marry because you are gay, or that you can’t be a Catholic priest because you are married or a female: read this book and find your answer: Yes, you can.

Some books that introduce a religion are dry and boring. If that is what you want, don’t look in these pages. Archbishop Wynn Wagner brings the Old Catholic Church to life. This is a “Pilgrim’s Guide,” and the archbishop is the first to let you know that he is just another pilgrim. When he doesn’t know the answer, he tells

you. He tells you in ways that may leave you chuckling. When he talks about the majesty of our Old Catholic Church, he speaks with the authority of someone who walks-the-walk. The “Pilgrim’s Guide” is more than a simple introduction, it is a tour of what can be your spiritual life with a tour guide who lives the subject matter on a daily basis.

Archbishop Michael V. Seneco
Presiding Bishop of the North American Old Catholic Church


Tarot for Christians

MWB is pleased to add Wynn Wagner’s Tarot for Christians to its catalog. It is available as paperback and e-book.

The main character of tarot’s first card is The Fool, and Tarot for Christians is the adventure of that innocent wanderer. THE FOOL is a simple traveler through the deck, growing and learning, experiencing and living.

The author — a retired archbishop of the Old Catholic Church — brings his knowledge of metaphysics and traditional symbolism to these misunderstood “flash cards.” Each of the major cards in the deck is a station on the Fool’s journey. The archbishop explains his take on each of the major cards with humor and eager anticipation of the wisdom to be found in the images.

The Fool’s adventure is a meditation on life, not an attempt to peer into the future. It is a lesson for today, not tomorrow. Tarot for Christians is the loving and personal journey of Christ’s vagabond, and he wants us all to join him.


AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Services Award

AEGiSWYNN WAGNER is the 2012 recipient of the AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Services Award. The award marks a lifetime of humanitarian work.

“The truly remarkable thing is that your informational advice has been coupled with spiritual encouragement and hope. Science and Spirit have worked so well,”  Sister Mary Elizabeth, the founder of AEGiS, said in announcing the award.

AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Services Award

AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Services Award

Before computers there was your creation of OPUS- Computer Based Conversations System! And as soon as HIV/AIDS reared its ugly head you were there providing funding for its victims and research through your inventions taking no personal profit from your work!Because of your pioneering efforts AEGiS is proud to present to you the AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Services Award. This is given to you as you have been a standard bearer for our work here at AEGiS over many years.

You, from the very beginning mentored, our Founder in her efforts to develop what has become one of the largest data bases of information regarding HIV/AIDS. That data base has served millions over the decades of the pandemic. An integral part of that data base was your introductory pages to the website entitled “Day One”. These pages have served to guide and inspire the newly infected for many years.

You have authored much over the years. But the truly remarkable thing is that your informational advice has been coupled with spiritual encouragement and hope. Science and Spirit have worked so well in your gifts to us.

AEGiSYour efforts have also been very practical. You’ve assisted AEGiS in its programming, assisted others in donating to AEGiS and have become the largest single non-corporate donor to our efforts.

It is with great pleasure that we recognize the great guiding light you have been for us and the HIV/AIDS community in general.



Hidden Side of Christian Festivals

MWB is excited to have The Hidden Side of Christian Festivals in the pipeline. It was written by Archbishop Charles Webster Leadbeater in 1920.

The work — 400+ pages — is one of the classics of esoteric and mystical Christianity. The archbishop covers all of the major dates in the church’s year with details and insights that are not available anywhere else.

Abp. Leadbeater (1854-1934) was the co-founder of a branch of the church catholic, The Liberal Catholic Church. He was that denomination’s Regionary Bishop for Australia. He also served as the LCC’s second Presiding Bishop.


Brent’s Lonely Road

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Brent: the Heart Reader (for more information)




Mystic Ways Books is in the fiction game! Our first fictional story is a novel by Wynn Wagner. It is BRENT: THE HEART READER, a tender tale of a tarot reader who resists the bullying of his homophobic adopted family. The love of his life is Takoda, a Sioux, who gets dangerously caught up in Brent’s family turmoil.

We can all hope we don’t let gay kids be adopted by such “religious” people. Of course, if you know Wynn’s other books, you already guessed that the word comeuppance will be at play before the fat lady sings. :-) We note as a kind of side note that Wynn was, in fact, adopted. H’mmm.

BRENT will be available as hardback, paperback, and e-book. We are releasing all three footprints of this amazing novel on April 16, 2012.

The content is steamy and not intended for children.